Special Report for Homeowners

10 Ways You Can Save $ on Your Homeowners Insurance — And Provide Better Protection for Yourself and the People You Love!
By: C.J. Campbell Insurance


Your home is probably your most valuable asset. It is also a huge risk for you financially. What if something happens to it? A fire? A flood? A break-in? What if someone visiting you slips, falls and suffers a serious injury? And sues you? An accident like that could put a dent — or worse — in your financial security.

For most people, insurance is a mystery. They know they need to have insurance for their homes (mortgage lenders require it), but they don’t understand the coverage provided by the policy. And they don’t know which insurance companies offer the best — the best! — prices. Because they don’t understand the product, many people think insurance is a rip-off, and it is — if you pay too much or buy coverage you don’t need.

All homeowners insurance is not created equal. In fact, almost none of it is. There are thousands of different products out there, from hundreds of insurance companies. How do you find the insurance and the insurance company that are best for you? You read this special report and tap into my vast knowledge of the products and the companies that offer them.

We know what kind of insurance fits your needs. And we know what insurance companies sell this kind of insurance at the best — lowest! — price. Because we’ve specialized in the insurance needs of homeowners and their families, we have decided to dedicate our office to solving for you some of the mysteries of homeowners insurance.

10 Ways to Save $
Here are 10 ways you can pay less for homeowners insurance. In many cases, you can get the same level of coverage for fewer dollars.

1. One Insurer, Multiple Policies 
Do you have an automobile insurance policy? If so, is it with the same insurance company that provides your homeowners insurance? If the answer’s no, you’re paying too much — for both policies. Almost every insurance company that sells homeowners insurance wants its policyholders to also buy auto insurance from that company. These insurers offer so-called multi-policy discounts. Usually, these discounts are at least 10% — and some insurers apply the discounts to both the auto and the homeowners/renters policy.

2. Raise Your Deductible 
The deductible is the amount you pay before insurance kicks in if you have a claim. For example, if you have a $250 deductible and you file a claim for $1,000 in damage to your home, you pay the first $250 and your insurer pays the balance, $750. The higher the deductible you choose, the more you pay. Also, though, the higher deductible, the less you have to pay for your policy. Depending on the insurance company, you can save between 10% and 35% if you have a deductible of $500 to $5,000.

3. New Is Better
Insurers really like newer homes. That’s because it’s less likely something will go wrong with the electrical, heating and plumbing systems. In addition, the structure itself is in better shape. Insurers offer discounts of as much as 5% to 15% if your residence is new.

4. Location, Location, Location
Where do you live? If your home is near a fire station, you will pay less for homeowners insurance.

5. Insure the House, Not the Land
Nobody is going to steal your land. Fire and high winds won’t “destroy” it. As such, when deciding how much homeowners coverage to have, don’t include the value of the land, only the value of the house and any other buildings on the property. If you include the value of the land, you’re paying too much.

6. Don’t Insure What You Don’t Have
Each year, you should review your policy to see what coverage you have for your possessions. If you have made a major purchase, you will want to increase your limits of coverage, but what if you sell something or somethings? You don’t need as much coverage. Pay particular attention to items that are covered by endorsements or “floaters” to your policy, items such as jewelry and computer equipment.

7. Better Safe(r) Than Sorry 
Smoke detectors, burglar alarms and deadbolt locks are usually worth discounts of at least 5%. You can get even bigger discounts, 15% to 20%, if you install a sophisticated sprinkler system or an alarm system that rings at the police station or a security company. However, not all of these systems qualify for discounts. Before you install one, check with your insurer to find out what type of system qualifies for a discount and how much you would save on your premium if you installed the system.

8. Where There’s Smoke . . . 
There’s fire. Smoking (unattended cigarette butts, etc.) produces more than 23,000 residential fires in this country each year. That’s why some insurers have discounts if all the residents in a home are nonsmokers.

9. Group Discounts 
Some insurers offer discounts to certain business or alumni associations. If you are a member of such an association or associations, ask the director(s) of the association(s) if there are any insurance companies providing discounts to association members.

10. Don’t Jump Around 
If you’ve been with an insurer for a while and you like that insurer, stay put. Some insurance companies automatically have discounts for policyholders who have been with the companies for a certain number of years. For example, 5% for at least three years, 10% for at least five years.

Three Steps to Protection
There are three basic steps you can take to protect your and your family’s financial well-being:

1. Have an insurance specialist conduct a risk analysis of your home, car(s) and family. How can you adequately address your risks with insurance if you don’t even know what these risks are? I’ve found that most people face more risk than they know. Because everyone is different, it’s not like you can ask a friend or relative to assess your insurance needs — unless they are insiders in this business. If you haven’t had your risks assessed by an insurance professional, you could be inviting financial disaster. You need a professional, a knowledgeable insurance insider, to put together a comprehensive insurance plan that truly protects you. Our office will do that for FREE.

2. Use an independent broker. There are several ways home insurance is sold in this country. Some people buy it by calling a toll-free number and talking to an employee of an insurance company. Others take advantage of direct mail offers. And some buy from agents who represent just one insurance company. A direct mail piece is not going to be able to assess your level of risk. Do you really want an insurance company employee to be your agent? And what happens if the agent who represents just one company doesn’t have the kind of insurance coverage you need? You need someone who’s going to work for you. And you need someone who can offer you several options. Someone who can go to numerous insurance companies and compare their products and prices. Someone who, if necessary, can place parts of your insurance program with more than one company. Do you want a good price? Do you want options and flexibility? And do you want protection against worst-case scenarios? There’s only one option here: Use an independent agent.

3. Don’t trust the financial protection of you, your family and your assets to an insurance agent who is not a homeowners insurance specialist. A specialist? Absolutely. Look, insurance is a huge industry. There’s insurance for everything. And nobody can specialize in all of it. In fact, a professional independent agent can specialize in only a few niches — and really understand them. And I do. I’ve studied the homeowners insurance market in our community for years.

We know:
 Which homeowners insurers have the best rates.
 Which give the most discounts.
 And which provide the best claim service.

I will give you this information for FREE. No charge. No obligation. We do this because we’ve built our business on our reputation. We never hard-sell insurance. We’re in the service business. The better service we provide, the better it is for all of us.

Our clients stay with us because of our service – and they refer us to their family and friends.

We believe we serve families in our community better than anyone in this area — in any profession. We believe this because we spend a lot of time with our clients, determining their needs, their level of risk, and finding the perfect insurance program for them.So if you want to protect yourself, your family and your assets from a crisis or catastrophe or just see if you can save money on your insurance, call our office. Our staff will be glad to help.

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